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Who We Are

Wilmar specializes in chocolates and confections made in small batches with 100% wholesome ingredients. Proprietary recipes incorporating fresh Wisconsin products, and home to the Mix It Up! Chocolate bar station, make Wilmar a favorite attraction for residents and visitors of all ages.

Located in the heartland of Wisconsin, America’s Dairy Capital, the Wilmar chocolatiers have won nineteen “Seal of Excellence” awards from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and  numerous national and local awards. Each chocolate is handcrafted with care; hand-stirred, hand-cut, hand-wrapped, and hand-packed one piece at a time. Wilmar chocolate is truly “hand-made with love.”

Stop in soon; enjoy our chocolate of the day, browse through our shop, visit our chocolate kitchen observation area, build a custom chocolate bar and take in the sweet sights and intoxicating aromas of our charming corner shop and kitchen.

Try Wilmar. For over 60 years, we have earned our reputation one bite at a time.

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