The beauty of spring in Wisconsin is incredible, but variable temperatures are difficult for chocolate.
Items with a * designation are excellent for shipping during warm weather stretches.

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Please note: We do not send chocolates when the temperature is 70° F or higher except by special arrangement.

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  • $19.50

    One stop shopping! With our box of flower topped meltaways you can give chocolate AND flowers. We've crafted these floral fancies using our special blend of milk chocolate; whipped chocolate on the inside encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell. Each piece is hand topped with a colorful sugar flower. Available in 15 piece or 32 piece box.

  • $12.50

    This box will a-peel to every teacher! A delightful end of year gift for the teacher who made a difference in your life. Apple on the outside, homemade chocolates on the inside. The apple box is cheery, sturdy & reusable. The chocolates are delicious, freshly made and will satisfy to the core. Three ounces.

  • $13.50

    Your grad deserves chocolate! After such a significant achievement reward your graduate with this ingenious chocolate box. Shaped like a graduation cap, and sporting a white tassel, your grad will be delighted to find the delicious bonus inside. There is also room to tuck in a little something extra. Let us know your school colors and we will try to match...

  • $14.75

    Let Play Ball! do the batting for you. This clever box is full of chocolates that are pitch perfect. All handmade in our candy kitchen; caramels, meltaways, nuts and more are tucked inside with a few foil baseball chocolates as decoration. Curve ball, slider, fast ball - this box is a home run. Wrapped in cello and tied with a bow. 5.75 ounces.

  • $14.25

    The warmer seasons call for sporting activities and we've got the ball you need. Solid milk chocolate is cunningly disguised in foil wrapping as a soccer, basketball, football, baseball or golf ball. Throw these balls into a bowl, a lunchbox or straight into your mouth! 12 ounces assorted in a cello bag.

  • $14.75

    Rack up the points with Goal! An energizing assortment of chocolate is tucked inside this charming soccer ball box. The chocolates are a mix of milk and dark made fresh in our chocolate kitchen. Get Goal! - a gift anyone would get a kick out of. The box is wrapped in a cello bag and tied with white and black ribbon. 5.75 ounces.

  • $33.75

    Our homemade wrapped caramels and our hand roasted giant cashews are paired together for a sweet and salty treat that stands up to the heat. Pop the caramels in the fridge or freezer for a cool treat, or to loosen a sticky wrapper. The cashews come lightly salted, the caramels come mixed in three flavors; pure vanilla, nut, and chocolate. This combo...

  • $9.50

    We honor the humble animal that makes Wisconsin the dairy capital of America! Our fine milk chocolate cow, fed on green grass and fresh air will bring a wholesome delight to the recipient of this gift. Each cow is adorned with a red bow, a cow bell, and is resting leisurely in its own box. 5 ounces.

  • $37.00

    Two of our top-sellers are stacked to create a perfect pairing package. Our handmade caramels feature three flavors; pure vanilla, nut, and chocolate. Pop the caramels in the fridge or freezer for a cool treat, or to loosen a sticky wrapper. Our Wisconsin butter toffee offers a sweet crunch surrounded by creamy milk chocolate and ground nuts. Perfect to...

  • $18.50

    The perfect twist on pretzel snacking! A crunchy salted twist pretzel is immersed in our creamy dreamy vanilla coating, then decorated with pretty green and pink accents. You'll experience a solid crunch, a little salt, and a melty sweet vanilla finish. Delicious. Approximately sixteen pretzels in the eleven ounce box and twenty-four pretzels in the pound...

  • $18.50

    Welcome Spring! Our tulip box sings of spring and the chocolates inside harmonize deliciously. Handpicked from our chocolate collection, each unique confection will remind you that spring is fleeting, but chocolate is forever. Nine ounces in a variety of milk and dark chocolate.

  • $16.50

    We buy the biggest raw cashews available and hand-roast them to a toasty golden crunch. While they are still warm we add a light dusting of salt. One pound of delicious and healthful snack food, freshly roasted in our kitchen.

  • $12.00

    These small chocolate crosses are a joyful way to rejoice; for first communion, confirmation, or simply a prayerful treat. Each cross is wrapped in a cello bag with a small bow. Choose four 1.6 ounce crosses in milk chocolate or creamy vanilla.

  • $52.50

    When you need to treat in a big way - this is the perfect choice. From handmade truffles to chocolate covered nuts, each box is packed with our no two alike assortment. The chocolates are chosen from our year-round collection, so there will be something to please anyone and everyone. We added decorated melts to evoke the summer season. 1.5 pounds (about...

  • $8.00

    A beautiful and tasteful way to rejoice - in milk chocolate or creamy vanilla. Splendid as part of a centerpiece, or give this joyful gift for first communion, confirmation, or any time someone needs a prayer. The 6.5 ounce cross is nestled in is own box.

  • $24.00

    Our top-selling confection starts with dairy fresh cream delivered straight to our door. We slow cook the batch until it reaches perfection: a distinctive soft texture with a full bodied flavor. To the Vanilla Nut Caramel we add cashew, almond, walnut, and brazil nuts. To the Chocolate Caramel we mix in a dollop of decadent semisweet chocolate....

  • $24.00

    Our classic butter toffee is a year-round favorite. Fresh Wisconsin butter and pure cane sugar are blended together and cooked to a soft sweet crunch. We add a generous layer of milk chocolate, and finish it with a flourish of nuts. Classic ingredients; classic, irresistible dairy capital of America taste. Packed family style in a one pound box.

  • $10.75

    Five of our delicious and unique truffles are tucked into this unordinary polka dotted slider box. Long and sleek, it's the perfect gift when you need something not too big and not too small. Festive in color, full of style, unparalleled in taste.

  • $26.50

    Wine and chocolate pairing is all the rage; grab your favorite bottle of wine and this delightful chocolate box to spark an evening of fun. The silhouette wine bottle box holds twelve truffles that can be nibbled and noshed as you sip your favorite grappa. Choose from our French Pudding truffle for a sweet pairing or Twice Dark for the dryer wines. Wine...

  • $17.50

    Take a mini vacation with A Book and a Break. The Little Black Book of Chocolate makes for fascinating and mouth-watering reading--recipes and chocolate facts packed into every page. Paired with a six piece box of chocolates, it completes the experience by complementing the intellectual adventure with a delectable dose of chocolate.

  • $24.00

    Our bark gets better with every bite! Plump almonds are freshly roasted and salted in our candy kitchen and then blended with our creamy white or silky dark chocolate. It's a perfect harmony; salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy. We cut the bark into 2-3 bite pieces; no two alike in size, but each bite exceptionally delicious. Packed in a one pound gift box.

  • $25.00

    The best of both worlds. A half-pound box of our favorite Buffet assortment is paired with another box stuffed with fresh roasted nuts; stacked together for a sweet and salty gift. 18-ounce two tier tower. For a little larger gift, try our three tier tower: the same as the two tier, but we add a truffle sampler box to the top. 22-ounce three tier tower.

  • $17.50

    The sweetest game you'll ever play! Like the original Monopoly, but instead of property you earn deeds for candy spaces, like lemon drop or lollipop. Yummy! The game is meant for children. And though it does not contain actual candy, it does spark a whole lot of fun. No toothbrushes needed! Two to four players.

  • $18.50

    Our cheeky "chocolate quip" apron is the perfect kitchen attire. The color is completely forgiving, and as delicious looking as blended milk and dark chocolate. Printed with vanilla colored lettering, and made of easy care poly/cotton blend material, the apron washes like a dream and comes out looking ironed.

  • $16.00

    Our favorite mischievous monkey visits a chocolate factory! The fun pack includes a soft cover book, a certificate to our Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar (where your little monkey can watch us make the chocolate bar), and three chocolate gold coins, for game pieces. A perfect gift for children 5-10.

  • $26.00

    Similar to the classic property board game, but all about a subject you love... chocolate. The board is teeming with temptation. Travel around with a slice of chocolate cake or a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Purchase a chocolate factory or get stuck at Chocoholics Anonymous. Indulge your wildest chocolate ambitions without gaining an ounce.

  • $18.00

    Indulge your wild thing! America's favorite cookie, the Double Stuf Oreo®, is dunked in our creamy milk chocolate and topped with a favorite jungle animal. Tame the wild thing in you, or your cookie monster's craving. Six oreos in a box.

  • $23.00

    Who can resist chocolate on a rainy day? And, if we must be practical who doesn't need a sturdy umbrella? Our chocolate umbrella is lightweight, wood handled, and the chocolate design looks so tantalizing you can practically smell chocolate in the air. All this for zero calories. Let it rain. Better yet, let it pour. For younger chocolate fans we have a...

  • $11.25

    Put a little color red in your cheeks with Marich King Bings. Delicious dried bing cherries, king sized, are covered with an enticing shell of chocolate cherry coating. Get your fruit for the day, the easy way, and have it chocolate-cherry-yummy coated too. Eight ounce bag.

  • $21.50

    Silky imported chocolate and Wisconsin whipping cream are infused with fragrant spices, thick liquors, dense espressos, and zesty fruit purees. The exotic undertones of the infusions combine warmly with the rich overtones of the chocolate, making each nibble count. Seven unique truffle experiences in a eighteen piece box. Truffles are best eaten within...

  • $15.00

    Our Non Pareils are a one-of-a-kind, award-winning candy that pleases folks of all ages. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or our creamy white drops are gussied up for spring with sweet pink, purple, yellow, and white candy toppers. They're called Non Pareils - nothing better - for good reason; easy to serve, easy to eat, and everybody loves 'em. Comes in a...

Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items