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Enjoy chocolate even when you're full. All items on this page are excellent for shipping during warm temperature stretches.

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  • $26.00

    Similar to the classic property board game, but all about a subject you love... chocolate. The board is teeming with temptation. Travel around with a slice of chocolate cake or a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Purchase a chocolate factory or get stuck at Chocoholics Anonymous. Indulge your wildest chocolate ambitions without gaining an ounce.

  • $23.00

    Who can resist chocolate on a rainy day? And, if we must be practical who doesn't need a sturdy umbrella? Our chocolate umbrella is lightweight, wood handled, and the chocolate design looks so tantalizing you can practically smell chocolate in the air. All this for zero calories. Let it rain. Better yet, let it pour. Choose from fold up, full size, or for...

  • $17.50

    The sweetest game you'll ever play! Like the original monopoly, but instead of property you earn deeds for candy spaces, like lemon drop or lollipop. Yummy! The game is meant for children. And though it does not contain actual candy, it does spark a whole lot of fun. No toothbrushes needed! Two to four players.

  • $18.50

    Our cheeky "chocolate quip" apron is the perfect kitchen attire. The color is completely forgiving, and as delicious looking as blended milk and dark chocolate. Printed with vanilla colored lettering, and made of easy care poly/cotton blend material, the apron washes like a dream and comes out looking ironed.

  • $16.00

    Dream of Paris! Dream of chocolate! while on kitchen duty. Our French kitchen towel is a dreamer's delight. Dry your hands, or dry a dish in Parisian style; enjoying a panoply of favorite chocolate "gateaux francais." The towel is generously sized at 18.5" by 28" in 100% cotton. A glorious gift for any occasion. Welcome a little mmmm la la into every...

  • $17.50

    Let our stylish necklace proclaim your true feelings! This charming necklace sports the message "I Love Chocolate" and comes ready to wear on an 18" ball chain. Handmade by artist Jennifer Dahl, this gift will be appreciated by any chocolate affciando. Plus, it's a perfect fashion choice anytime, but especially soothing when there is no chocolate in...

  • $16.00

    Our favorite mischievous monkey visits a chocolate factory! The fun pack includes a soft cover book, a certificate to our Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar (where your little monkey can watch us make the chocolate bar), and three chocolate gold coins, for game pieces. A perfect gift for children 5-10.

  • $12.50

    Let chocolate be your muse! Create poems for your inner chocolate, your outer chocolate, or simply for your love of chocolate. With over 200 magnetized words, watch creativity emerge on your refridgerator, locker, or any other steel surface. Dip into your poetic side, arranging these sweet magnets into chocolate verses good enough to eat.

  • $24.00

    A retro designed dispenser for jellybeans or other little treats. Small, stylish and solidly built. No coins needed. It will last for many years, dispensing sweets and making you very popular. 9" tall. Includes a 3.25 ounce package of jellybelly beans and a jellybean identification menu.

  • $9.95

    All the secrets of chocolate revealed in a 4" x 6" book. This handy little tome is packed with 159 pages of chocolate recipes, down-to-earth chocolate tips, and sumptuous chocolate quotes. Stretch your chocolate horizons one page at a time.

  • $10.00

    The perfect way to beat the heat, and still give chocolates.

  • $20.00

    The best way to resist the temptation of eating the chocolates meant to be a gift.

  • $50.00

    For the chocolate lover in your life.

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