To help our customers bake their best, we've researched and we stock chocolate products that remarkably enhance the rich chocolate flavor of baked goods.

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  • $8.50

    Our favorite American chocolate will enhance the flavor of anything your make. Use for any chocolate purpose; baking, candymaking, fruit dipping, or doctor it up for use in your chocolate fountain. Choose from a pound of our delicious milk with 32% cocoa solids, pure dark block chocolate with 52% cocoa solids, or white confectioner's coating.

  • $7.00

    These chips beat the grocery store chips any time. They can be used for cookies, cakes, frosting, or dipping. Try them in your favorite baking recipe or put a little zing into your chocolate chip cookies. Easy to measure, easy to melt, easy to eat. One pound per bag.

  • $15.00

    Our imported chips (callets) are creamy and smooth. They can be used for all of your baking experiments; mousse, frosting, ganaches, or very special chocolate chip cookies. Easy measuring, easy melting. Exceptionally smooth & flavorful. Callets made by Callebaut are available in milk or dark chocolate. The dark callets are 60% cocoa solids. One pound...

  • $14.50

    This cocoa is rich, golden brown, and 100% dutched, which means intensity of flavor with an extremely smooth finish. We tested it against four other cocoas. It was a run away winner in our baked goods testing, and tied at the top in hot chocolate. Of all the cocoas we tested it had the highest score overall, effortlessly. Packaged in a one pound bag.

  • $10.50

    No need to add a drop of anything to this "fountain ready" chocolate. Silky and delicious; just melt and dip in. It works for fondue pots too. Choose from milk (42% cocoa solids) or dark (52% cocoa solids) chocolate, or mix the two for an interesting combination. One pound bags.

  • $75.00

    Not the wimpy store bars or the gritty chocolate sold in grocery stores at Christmas, but a dream come true, honest to goodness GIANT in its class. Ten pounds of silky American made milk or dark chocolate, ready to use for all of your holiday baking, snacking, or giving. Perfect for chocoholics, bakers, or to simply make a very large, very sweet...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items