XOXO Day Coming Soon

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Who won? Lin won!

Lin cracked the contest

Congratulations to Lin Fleischman, the winner of our Christmas season “Nutcracker” counting contest. She took a lucky guess, 350, and hit the Nutcracker on the head. Lin shared that she said a little prayer when placing her entry in the box. She’s been a Wilmar ‘guesser’ for quite a few years and was wishing this would be her year. And it was! We hope Lin enjoys her wilmarvelous chocolate winnings.

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A Year to Remember 2020

It’s been a year like no other!

We thank you for choosing us as your sweet spot. With much joy we look forward to the good things to come. Let chocolate be a part of your 2021.

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Grab & Go

To make your shopping experience a quicker in & out, we are bagging some of our most popular items for grab & go: potato chips, pretzel pieces, white and dark almond bar, peanut butter crunchies and more!!! Stop in and pile up on the bags. Great for snacking and fun for gifts.

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Chocolate Shop Changes

  • What’s New Since June? We have expanded our chocolate services to include:
  • 1) More pick-up choices in the store.
  • 2) Custom one pound boxes with up to 4 kinds of “your choice” chocolates in the box. We will divide the chocolates evenly by rows. Most chocolates are available for this service but not all.
  • 3) Custom 1/2 pound boxes with one or two chocolate choices. If two choices we will divide them as evenly as possible. Most chocolates are available for this service but not all.
  •  4) You may order one 1/4 pound of most chocolates in a bag.
  • 5) Custom Mix It Up! Bar orders are due by Wednesday evening. Bars will be ready by Friday. Pick up that day or any day after.
  • 6) Prices for ready-to-go assortments and bars remain the same. Custom packed boxes and bags are $30-$39 the pound.

  • What Is The Same?
  • 1) The smaller store footprint remains. We have plans to revise the layout later in the season.
  • 2) All chocolates will be packed in our kitchen area.
  • 3) Custom bars are available by pre-order. Home recipe bars are available at all times.
  • 4) Walk-in service, curbside pick-up, and delivery will continue.
  • 5) We are wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing and re-sanitizing often.
  • What Is Upcoming?
  • Our candy case is being reconstructed.
  • When it returns we will lay out our store in a new, exciting way!
Our Shop: Small but Mighty

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Meet Teri Garvey

Teri Garvey is a Wilmar veteran of 25-plus years and wife of Paul Garvey, a Wilmar co-owner. She is our skillful ‘kitchen to store’ chocolate continuity coordinator, focused on quality and inventory control. Teri makes sure that the transition of chocolate from the production line to the store is seamlessly accomplished. On her watch, each finished chocolate is cupped, boxed, bagged, bowed, foil wrapped or sent to the seconds bin. In the storage room she organizes efficiently; verifying that date codes are on every product, and ensuring that all staff can easily locate what they need. It is in large part due to Teri’s ‘behnd the scene’ organizing proficiency that the chocolate in our shop looks tantalizing and tasty.

Teri Garvey, organizer extraordinaire!
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Best of the Valley: Wilmar Wins Two First Place Awards

Best of the Valley 2020

Wilmar has won two first place awards in the 2020 “Best of the Valley” Contest. These First Place titles mean that the heart and soul (and top-notch ingredients) that we put into our candymaking and service are recognized by you to be worthwhile.

For the 14th time we gained first place in ‘Best Candy Store‘ in the Valley. In a brand new 2020 category we won the title of ‘Favorite Local Business‘!

We couldn’t be more pleased and we couldn’t be more humbled by your support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our copper pots.

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We are BACK!

Wilar Store Reopens

Though we enjoy our July shut down, we miss the hustle and bustle of the chocolate season and our customers. So we’re glad to be back! At Wilmar, we take our goal to provide you with quality chocolate seriously. Care is taken when choosing each ingredient, and care is taken in the making and packing processes. Our decisions are always made with you in mind. During Covid-19 we are doing our best to serve you in the manner with which you have become accustomed, though restrictions with social distancing and reduced sales have made “business as usual” tricky for us. Please know that though many changes have been made, and more are to come, our goal will always remain to offer the freshest chocolates to our devoted customers, with a free sample and a smile.

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We’ll Miss You During our Annual Chocolate Break

As per our yearly tradition, we will be shut for the month of July. A bit of rest & relaxation “R & R”, plus lots of cleaning and constructing “C & C” happen at our compound during July. It’s our chance to shine those copper pots, pound in a few nails, and make sure everything is sparkling clean and leveled up for the upcoming season. We may even throw in some rearranging of the furniture (another R) this year.

Wlmar Store

We hope that your time without us is spent enjoying activities that you love. Stay healthy. Stay happy. We look forward to seeing you when we return.

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New Protocols for Covid-19 Friendly Shopping

Some things never change, like the warm welcome and friendly faces at Wilmar Chocolates. But, needless to say, we have had to make some alterations to our processes for your safety and the safety of our staff. We are looking to the future, adapting our store and business in ways that allow us to survive and thrive. We will continuously assess and add to these processes as the situation evolves. Following the guidance of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health and government officials here is our re-opening plan:

TEAM MEMBER HEALTH CHECKS· The temperature of every associate is taken with an infrared no-touch thermometer as they arrive for work.
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE GEAR· Every associate will be wearing a face mask, and gloves when necessary.
SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING· We have displayed social distancing reminders and directional signage, with the entrance and exit using the same door but separate pathways.
PROTECTIVE BARRIERS & SANITIZED SURFACES· A plexiglass health shield has been installed at the check out area, with associates wiping down counters, baskets and common areas.
CONTACT FREE PAYMENT· We provide a ‘contact-free’ payment option when using credit and debit cards.
FREE FOR YOUR USE· Hand sanitizer is strategically placed at the doorway and the check out area for your convenience.

When you arrive as a customer: Please come and shop! Our entrance is equipped with a hand sanitizer station for your personal use. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a Wilmar associate wearing a mask. If you forgot your mask and want to wear one, we have disposable masks available. While we love having each customer wander through the store to shop, we wish to respect those who need a comfort zone. The floor now has markers placed every six feet which will help you gauge your social distance from other shoppers. The traffic pattern is a one-way loop.
As we become familiar with our new layout and protocols, we like to think of this as a unique opportunity: An opportunity to explore new ideas (we look forward to hearing yours); An opportunity to share comfort food (and who doesn’t need a bit more comfort right now?); And an opportunity to see each other again (there is a smile behind the mask!!).

As always, every shopping visit will include our free sample of the day. We look forward to being together again!
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