Chocolate Bunny Winners

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Jane wins E. Bunny.
Tammy wins Peter.

Congrats to our two winners! Our store winner is Jane Vanden Heuvel. She donated her giant chocolate bunny to Harbor House, making many people happy. Our online winner is Tammy Roskom Kasten. She was ready to start in eating her prize right away! Both were delighted to win and very grateful. Jane guessed 15223, Tammy guessed 15051. The actual count of Runts was 15228.

How long can you keep chocolate?

The answer depends on what kind of chocolate you are trying to keep and how you keep it. Blocks of chocolate and plain chocolate bars have a fairly long shelf life. Kept cool (under 50º), dry (less than 50% humidity), and away from light sources this kind of chocolate is still fragrant and edible for approximately three months. Filled chocolates using fresh ingredients – dairy, fruit, nuts – like we do at Wilmar, are not as sturdy. Truffles and caramel selections are the most fragile and should be eaten with 10 days of purchase. Under the best circumstances these chocolates can last longer and still be safe to eat but there is no guarantee that they will be as soft, smooth, or delicious as they would have been closer to the purchase date. For many of our other chocolates we recommend three to four weeks at the outside. Again they will likely be good and safe to eat after that amount of time, but the quality may have deteriorated.

Our recommendation? Eat your chocolate soon after you buy it or receive it as a gift. If you need to keep your chocolate longer find a storage place where the temperature is under 50º, under 50% humidity, and without direct light or sunlight.

Temperature and humidity controlled storage at Wilmar

Wilmar: A Top 50 Chocolate Blog

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It is always nice to be noticed. And someone has noticed our blog. Thank you to Anuj Agarwal, founder of feedspot for entering us into the competition for Top 50 Chocolate Blogs. For a small chocolate shop like us, it’s a surprise and an honor. We placed at a respectable number 33 spot. Not top, not bottom, but definitely on the list. Go Wilmar!

Hands on operation

At Wilmar we follow a hand washing/sanitizing protocol mandated by the State of Wisconsin Health Department. It is an thorough procedure and all of our kitchen staff use the process 10 or more times each day. Wearing gloves is an alternative, however there are concerns that while in warm chocolate latex*, vinyl, or nitrile may deteriorate or transfer into the chocolate. In our operation we do not use gloves during production, but gloves are used when we are packaging our finished and cooled products.

Have you ever watched cooking shows on television or have you been in any restaurant kitchens or bakeries? Gloves are rarely used. Proper hand washing is the preferred method in the food preparation industry. Of course, it is different for ready to eat products at the deli, bakery, and the chocolate shop. You will always see glove use in those circumstances.

We are licensed and inspected annually by the health department. All of our staff has been carefully instructed in hand washing techniques and each has signed a hand washing procedure document. We have dedicated hand washing sinks and one-use towels specifically for hand washing in our kitchen.

Links for further reading:

*click for gloves and allergy information

Gloves vs Hand Washing

NYTimes article about glove use

myths about glove use


Valentine Happenings at Wilmar

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We try to make every holiday special. Heart boxes, chocolates exclusively made for the Valentine holiday, and fun things to do. Here is some of the fun:

  • Free Wilmar shopping tote with in-store purchase (while supplies last) on Friday, February 10.
  • Sign up by February 11 to have a chance to win a heart box full of your favorite chocolate. It’s a random drawing s0 everyone has a chance!
  • The Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11am to 5pm. Choose your day, choose your chocolate, choose from over 40 mix-ins, and let our barista fulfill your chocolate bar craving.
  • Stop in to enjoy the aroma of fresh chocolate being made, visit our kitchen, view our vintage box and other chocolate memorabilia displays, partake in our free sample of the day, every day.
Wilmar Chocolate tote bag

Warm up with Wilmar!

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Macadamia Wilmarvels

Since the temperature averages 10° in Wisconsin in January, we’re always on the lookout for ways to warm up. What could be a more satisfying option than food – and chocolate in particular! We offer two stellar choices for your personal January thaw: Red Hot Truffles, and Macadamia Wilmarvels. Each have their own unique ‘warming” properties. The Red Hot Truffle is created with Ceylon cinnamon, and cayenne – delicious and spicy hot – you will definitely feel the heat. The Mac Wilmarvel is stuffed with that Hawaiian treasure – macadamia nuts – and our full bodied caramel, which supplies a generous dollop calories. All those calories – all the better to warm you up my dears.

Red Hot Truffles

Snowman Contest Winners

Ted Pierce
Ted Pierce
Ella Broullire & Family
Ella Broullire & Family

We have two winners! In our “count/guess” the Snowmen contest for Christmas 2016, two people came up with the correct answer. Not only were the guesses exact, but it’s our first time with two winners. Ted Pierce and Ella Broullire guessed (an educated guess for both) 553 and that was our count.

People often ask how we count. As we are decorating the store, we count each item as we use it. But we don’t count sequentially, we count 10 on one shelf, or 30 on the tree, 6 here, 21 there, etc. That way nobody has the final number until we do the adding. The adding is done the day the contest ends. Nobody knows the answer and nobody can let slip the number, safeguarding the integrity of the contest from all the people who try to trick us into telling!



Caramel Apple Dip

Caramel apple season has come to a close, but are you still hankering after that caramel apple taste? Here is a delicious caramel dip recipe that will help to ease the transition.

5 Wilmar vanilla caramels
3 ounces cream cheese (softened or regular) @ room temperature
1/2 cup chopped, roasted salted peanuts (optional)
4-5 fresh apples

Microwave unwrapped caramels on defrost setting, stirring & checking every minute. Do not over heat. Stir cream cheese into melted caramel. Mix until creamy. Spread mixture in the center of a dinner plate. 1/2 cup of chopped, roasted salted peanuts can be sprinkled on the caramel mixture if desired. Cut up apples into slices and dip into caramel.



Chocolate and Health Benefits

The good news keeps rolling in.

Dear Daily Health Member, Chocolate and exercise may seem like an unlikely and very odd couple. However, based on the latest research findings, dark chocolate could be one of your best allies when it comes to getting the most from your workout. Giving it your best

Researchers from the University of Kingston, in the UK, recently investigated the effect a daily dose of dark chocolate (1.4 ounces) would have on the endurance of recreational cyclists.

The researchers recruited eight moderately trained young men, tested their fitness and measured their oxygen uptake and then gave four of them dark chocolate and the other four white chocolate.

Now there is a big difference between white chocolate and dark chocolate when it comes to health benefits: white chocolate contains only trace amounts of epicatechin, a cocoa compound linked to the release of nitric acid from cells lining blood vessels. Nitric acid release improves blood flow and heart function and can enhance physical performance.

Two weeks after consuming their pre-workout daily doses of dark or white chocolate the cyclists who participated in the study were retested.

The participants then switched chocolates from dark to white or vice versa for two more weeks.

The researchers found that consuming the dark chocolate was linked to a reduced oxygen requirement during physical activity, enabling the men to ride longer and with more rigour and endurance than they had before adding chocolate to their diets.

The study, published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, concluded that the gains weren’t dramatic, but they were measurable. In addition, the researchers also said they haven’t determined the ideal daily dose of chocolate for this purpose and noted that cocoa and epicatechin amounts vary from brand to brand.

Numerous studies to date have highlighted dark chocolate’s health benefits, which range from boosting your memory, aiding weight loss and protecting against heart disease and cancer. But remember, when buying dark chocolate choose products with 70 per cent or higher pure cocoa solids.

Until next time, Francois Lubbe Editor

Sources:Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition201512:47 DOI: 10.1186/s12970-015-0106-7Copyright (c)2016 by Agora Health Ltd. All material in this email alert is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.


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