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The beauty of FALL in Wisconsin is indescribable, but variable temperatures are difficult for chocolate.
The choices noted by the *icon are excellent for shipping during warm temperature stretches.

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  • $24.00

    Our classic butter toffee is always in style. Fresh Wisconsin butter and pure cane sugar are blended together and cooked to a soft sweet crunch. We add a generous layer of milk chocolate, and finish it with a flourish of nuts. Classic ingredients; classic, irresistible dairy capital of America taste. Packed family style in a one or two pound box.

  • $18.50

    Our delicious white twist pretzels are an addictive combination: a salty crunchy pretzel overlayed with a sweet white coating. Each fresh pretzel is dunked in our creamy, dreamy white, then decorated for Autumn with orange and yellow lacing. Crunch, mmmmm, crunch, mmmmmm, etc. Choose from 11-ounce or one pound size.

  • $16.00

    Lovely to look at, and delicious to eat. Our foil covered chocolate leaves come in an array of Autumn colors, like they just fell off the tree. The chocolate inside the foil is a mellow, smooth, very satisfying milk chocolate. Twelve ounces, approximately 42 pieces, packaged in a cello bag.

  • $18.25

    Inside the beautiful tapestry of leaves and burnished Fall color our handmade chocolates burst with the rich flavor of Wisconsin. The ingredients are gathered from the harvest of our abundant countryside and are crafted to create an array of chocolates as unique as each fallen leaf. This box will fallfill you, and leafs nothing to be desired. Over nine...

  • $13.00

    It's a touchdown! With this clever box full of chocolate everyone will feel like they scored. Handmade in our candy kitchen; caramels, meltaways, and more are tucked inside with a few foil football chocolates as decoration. Punt, pass, run, or kick - this box will get you to the end zone. Wrapped in cello and tied with a bow. 4.5 ounces.

  • $14.25

    Autumn calls for sporting activities and we've got the ball you need. Solid milk chocolate is cleverly disguised in foil wrapping as a soccer, basketball, football, baseball or golf ball. Throw these balls into a bowl, a lunchbox or straight into your mouth! 12 ounces assorted in a cello bag.

  • $19.50

    Thanksgiving symbols - pumpkins, turkeys, and more - decorate the tops of our famous meltaways. Each piece is crafted from our special blend of malty milk chocolate on the inside and creamy milk chocolate on the outside. Excellent for so many purposes... as a host/hostess gift, as a dessert, or as charming table favors. Choose a 15 or 32 piece box of...

  • $11.25

    Put a little color in your cheeks with delectable King Bing Cherries. Delicious dried bing cherries, covered with an enticing shell of chocolate cherry coating. Get your fruit for the day, and have it chocolate-cherry-yummy coated too. Eight ounce bag.

  • $9.50

    We honor the humble animal that makes Wisconsin the dairy capital of America! Our fine milk chocolate cow, fed on green grass and fresh air will bring a wholesome delight to the recipient of this gift. Each cow is adorned with a red bow, a cow bell, and is resting leisurely in its own box. 5 ounces.

  • $52.50

    When you need to express thanks in a big way - this is the perfect choice. From handmade truffles to chocolate covered nuts, each box is packed with our no two alike assortment. The chocolates are chosen from our year-round collection, so there will be something to please anyone and everyone. Plus we added our delightful decorated meltaways to evoke the...

  • $18.25

    Delight everyone with this box of chocolates that evokes our beautiful season of Autumn. The festive box holds chocolates that are made fresh in our chocolate kitchen, from the bounty of Wisconsin's countryside. The caramels are made with cream from grazing, field-fed cows, the nougat from Wisconsin bee honey, and the chocolate covered nuts roasted in our...

  • $18.50

    Our cheeky "chocolate quip" apron is the perfect kitchen attire. The color is completely forgiving, and as delicious looking as blended milk and dark chocolate. Printed with vanilla colored lettering, and made of easy care poly/cotton blend material, the apron washes like a dream and comes out looking ironed. Choose your "quip" from the drop down list to...

  • $25.00

    The best of both worlds. A half-pound box of our favorite Buffet assortment is paired with another box stuffed with fresh roasted nuts; stacked together for a sweet and salty gift. 18-ounce two tier tower. For a little larger gift, try our three tier tower: the same as the two tier, but we add a truffle sampler box to the top. 22-ounce three tier tower.

  • $16.50

    We buy the biggest raw cashews available and hand-roast them to a toasty golden crunch. While they are still warm we add a light dusting of salt. One pound of delicious and healthful snack food.

  • $24.00

    Our top-selling confection starts with dairy fresh cream delivered straight to our door. We slow cook the batch until it reaches perfection: a distinctive soft texture with a full bodied flavor. To the Vanilla Nut Caramel we add cashew, almond, walnut, and brazil nuts. To the Chocolate Caramel we mix in a dollop of decadent, dark chocolate. Cello-wrapped,...

  • $24.00

    Oysters from Wisconsin?!? A local favorite that doesn't really have anything to do with seafood. More like see-food. Creamy, fluffy, super-sweet in the middle, dunked in silky dark chocolate and rolled in freshly roasted and ground peanuts. Different? You bet! Addictive? Yup! Choose chocolate or vanilla centers. One pound of see-food per box.

  • $24.00

    Our bark gets better with every bite! Plump almonds are freshly roasted and salted in our candy kitchen and then blended with our sweet creamy white or silky dark chocolate. It's a perfect harmony; salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy. We cut the bark into 2-3 bite pieces. No two alike in size, but each bite exceptionally delicious. Packed in a one pound...

  • $10.75

    Five of our delicious and unique truffles are tucked into this unordinary polka dotted slider box. Long and sleek, it's the perfect gift when you need something not too big and not too small. Festive in color, full of style, unparalleled in taste!

  • $26.50

    Wine and chocolate pairing is all the rage; grab your favorite bottle of wine and this delightful chocolate box to spark an evening of fun. The silhouette wine bottle box holds twelve truffles that can be nibbled and noshed as you sip your favorite grappa. Choose from our French Pudding truffle for a sweet pairing or Twice Dark for the dryer wines. Wine...

  • $23.00

    Who can resist chocolate on a rainy day? And, if we must be practical who doesn't need a sturdy umbrella? Our chocolate umbrella is lightweight, wood handled, and the chocolate design looks so tantalizing you can practically smell chocolate in the air. All this for zero calories. Let it rain. Better yet, let it pour. For younger chocolate fans we have a...

  • $10.00

    The harvest is in. Our Cranberry Crisp chocolate bar features Wisconsin harvested cranberries, Wisconsin windmill cookies, and it's rounded out with fresh hazelnuts & a 42% milk/dark chocolate blend. Go ahead - take a bite out of Wisconsin... a big bite! Over 7.5 ounces.

  • $33.75

    Our homemade wrapped caramels and our hand roasted giant cashews are paired together for a sweet and salty treat that is unbeatable. Pop the caramels in the fridge or freezer for a cool treat, or to loosen a sticky wrapper. The cashews come lightly salted, and the caramels come mixed in three flavors; pure vanilla, nut, and chocolate. Perfect to send to...

  • $37.00

    Two of our top-sellers are stacked to create a perfect pairing package. Our handmade caramels feature three flavors; pure vanilla, nut, and chocolate. Pop the caramels in the fridge or freezer for a cool treat, or to loosen a sticky wrapper. Our Wisconsin butter toffee offers a sweet crunch surrounded by creamy milk chocolate and ground nuts. Perfect to...

  • $16.00

    Our favorite mischievous monkey visits a chocolate factory! The fun pack includes a soft cover book, a certificate to our Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar (where your little monkey can watch us make the chocolate bar), and three chocolate gold coins, for game pieces. A perfect gift for children 5-10.

Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items