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  • $19.75

    The holidays will be happier with a side of chocolate! Give someone a gift of happiness with our chocolate packed Happy Holidays box; each chocolate with a unique filling, made from scratch in our candy kitchen. A sweet tooth will find satisfaction sixteen different ways, in milk and dark chocolate. The box is tied with a shiny red stretch bow.

  • $34.75

    Our Advent Calendar Box is a delightful and leisurely way to enjoy the run up to Christmas. Each drawer contains a special sweet treat starting the 1st day of December and continuing each day until December 24. Open one drawer per day and savour your surprise. Treat yourself to 24 days of Christmas instead of one. Fun for all ages. The box is a keepsake...

  • $14.00

    Our chocolate Santa will be a welcome guest at any celebration. This genial chap will be delighted to hide in a stocking, rest under a tree, or loves the limelight posing as part of a centerpiece. Beside his jolly personality, he tastes fantastic - molded with our luscious milk or dark chocolate with a dash of white chocolate trim. Each Santa is packaged...

  • $10.75

    Five of our delicious and unique truffles are tucked into this unordinary red slider box. Long and sleek, just a perfect size for a stocking, a teacher's desk, or a snazzy thank you. Festive in color, full of style, unparalleled in taste!

  • $15.00

    Our Non Pareils are a one-of-a-kind, award-winning candy that pleases folks of all ages. Milk and dark chocolate drops are gussied up for the holiday with sweet red, white and green candy toppers. They're called Non Pareils (nothing better) for good reason; easy to serve, easy to eat, and everybody loves 'em. Comes in a nine ounce bag. Choose from milk or...

  • $19.75

    Treat someone to peace, joy, love, and chocolate with our festive holiday box. Each chocolate in this assortment has a unique filling, made with love in our candy kitchen. Every recipient will find joy sixteen different ways, in milk and dark chocolate, and you will be at peace knowing you picked the perfect gift. The box is tied with a red stretch bow.

  • $75.00

    This is no exaggeration -- a gift nobody will ever forget! Not the wimpy grocery store bars, but a dream come true, honest to goodness GIANT in its class. Ten pounds of silky American made milk or dark chocolate tied with a bow, ready to give. Perfect for chocoholics, bakers, or to simply make a very large, very sweet statement.

  • $24.00

    Oysters from Wisconsin?!? A local favorite that doesn't really have anything to do with seafood. More like see-food. Creamy, fluffy, super-sweet in the middle, dunked in dark chocolate and rolled in freshly roasted and ground peanuts. Different? You bet! Addictive? Yup! Choose from a one or two pound box. Choose from the traditional vanilla center or the...

  • $24.00

    Our bark gets better with every bite, because it's so perfect. Plump almonds are freshly roasted and salted in our candy kitchen and then blended with sweet creamy white coating. It's perfect harmony; salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy. We cut the bark into 2-3 bite pieces. No two alike in size, but each bite exceptionally delicious. Packed in a one...

  • $8.00

    Our famous meltaway is hand cut by our kitchen elves into a sweet star shape, then dipped in a galaxy of milk or silky dark chocolate. The final touch is a multitude of chocolate stripes - heavenly to gaze upon, more heavenly to eat. Wrapped separately in a cello bag and tied with a bow. 2.25 ounces.

  • $19.50

    Bring Christmas home for the holidays - all in one delicious package. Our creamy dreamy meltaways are whipped chocolate on the inside, rich milk chocolate on the outside and finished with festive edible toppers, Sometimes santa, a poinsettia, a Christmas tree, or a mix of two or three in your box. Let these celebrated beauties brighten up your...

  • $10.75

    Not just for stuffing stockings! Let this little box sweeten up a desk, a pillow, a car... you get the idea. Any place you leave it, it will perform magic. Nestled inside are nine delicious chocolates that will continue to work their magic until the last mmmmmmmmm. 4.25 ounces.

  • $18.50

    Mitten, mitten, who wouldn't want this mitten? This stylish Red Mitten box is brimming with chocolates handcrafted one-at-a-time in our chocolate kitchen. The box is wrapped in cello, tied with a bow & finished with a snowflake decoration. So let it snow - you've got it covered! Your mitten and chocolates will keep you and everyone on your list cozy...

  • $18.50

    I'm dreaming of a white.... pretzel. A crunchy salted twist pretzel is immersed in our creamy dreamy vanilla coating. A solid crunch, a little salt, with a melty sweet vanilla finish. Decorated for the season with red and green accents. Choose from an eleven ounce or one pound size

  • $24.00

    Add a welcome crunch to your holiday season with our award-winning Wisconsin Butter Toffee. Relieve that “crunch time” stress and gift your loved ones – and yourself – with this hand-made confection. Made with Wisconsin butter, pure cane sugar, a generous layer of milk chocolate and finished with a flourish of nuts; this is the kind of “crunch time” we’ve...

  • $16.00

    You'll please many family, friends and co-workers with these delicious milk chocolate stars. Each star is beautiful and twinkly, foil wrapped in a color borrowed from the heavens. Dish them up in a pretty crystal bowl, sprinkle them on your table to add a bit of color, hide one under a pillow or in a lunch box. Celebrate the season with these shiny and...

  • $18.00

    It's hard to find Christmas candy any more festive than handcrafted, Wisconsin-made ribbon candy. Strips of warm hard candy are stretched and then folded to create delicately furled ribbons of sweetness in brightly colored hues. So translucent you can see light through them. Four pieces distinctively flavored with all natural ingredients. One of each;...

  • $10.00

    Pretty designs and very delicious candy are merged in the traditional cut rock hard candy. Looks great in your favorite candy dish, plus it brings back all sorts of memories of Christmas past. Each design is a different flavor. Comes packaged in a six ounce cello bag. (Candy dish is not included)

  • $15.25

    Earn your Santa stripes when you deliver our Candy Cane box! Filled with all things perfectly refreshing - our award winning French Mints take top billing, nestled with other minty favorites. It's the perfect size for so many people on your list. Make your list once - you won't have to check it twice. 5.25 ounces.

  • $17.50

    This Little Black Book of Chocolate makes for fascinating and mouth-watering reading--recipes and chocolate facts packed into every page. Paired with a six piece box of chocolates, it completes the experience by complementing the intellectual adventure with a delicious dose of reality.

  • $24.00

    Nobody can eat only one bite of this brittle. Our proprietary recipe is made with locally made butter, hand browned sugar and peanuts roasted in our kitchen. The buttery, glistening candy glazes the fresh peanuts attaining an irresistible combination of salty, sweet, crunch and snap. The brittle is broken into chunks - some big, some small. All delicious....

  • $9.50

    We honor the humble animal that makes Wisconsin the dairy capital of America! Our fine milk chocolate cow, fed on green grass and fresh air will bring a wholesome delight to the recipient of this gift. Each cow is adorned with a festive red bow, a cow bell and is resting leisurely in its own box. 5 ounce

  • $25.00

    The best of both worlds. A half-pound box of our favorite Buffet assortment is paired with another box stuffed with fresh roasted nuts; stacked together for a sweet and salty gift. 18-ounce two tier tower. For a little larger gift, try our three tier tower: the same as the two tier, but we add a truffle sampler box to the top. 22-ounce three tier tower.

  • $52.50

    When you need to treat in a big way - this is the perfect choice. From handmade truffles to chocolate covered nuts, each box is packed with our no two alike assortment. The chocolates are chosen from our year-round collection, so there will be something to please anyone and everyone. Plus we added our delightful decorated meltaways to evoke the holiday...

  • $27.50

    Looking for the perfect package for your favorite baker or an aspiring baker? This charming eco-friendly bag holds ingredients near and dear to all bakers hearts: our top rated cocoa, our rich chocolate chips, a mixing spoon or spatula & two Wilmar-tested recipes. The bag is festively finished with tissue and a bow. Just sign the card & tuck this...

  • $27.00

    Do you love caramel? In this sampler, discover Wilmar caramel in all of its amazing incarnations. You'll find a variety of everything we make featuring our luscious hand stirred, hand cut, cream rendered caramel. Taste caramels that are chocolate covered, sea salt sprinkled, cashew and pecan wilmarveled, nutted, and of course the purest form of all,...

  • $11.25

    Put a little color in your cheeks with delectable King Bing Cherries. Delicious dried bing cherries, covered with an enticing shell of chocolate cherry coating. Get your fruit for the day, and have it chocolate-cherry-yummy coated too. Eight ounce bag.

  • $50.00

    Who could resist this tower of homemade deliciousness? Our best selling Chocolate Buffet is topped by two boxes of award winning favorites: pecan Wilmarvels & Wisconsin butter toffee. Each box features confections crafted with fresh, natural ingredients in our candy kitchen. Resistance is not possible, or necessary! The two pound tower is stacked high...

  • $52.00

    Variety is the spice of life! Our Chocolate and Nut Tower features three unique experiences. Our Chocolate Buffet, a full pound of our homemade confections is the anchor box. On top of the buffet find a box of lightly salted, freshly roasted mixed nuts. The third box finishes off the trio with a half pound of our award winning, mouth watering Wisconsin...

  • $13.00

    Oh what a snack! Thick cut potato chips are dunked in our creamy milk chocolate, then sprinkled with a spray of sea salt. Crunchy, sweet, salty. You really truly won't be able eat just one. Eight ounces in a cello bag.

  • $20.75

    Opposites attract! This sweet-salty-chocolatey combination features our top-selling caramel made with thick, fresh cream from the local dairy, surrounded by a layer of silky dark chocolate and sprinkled with coarse grains of sparkling sea salt. With the spray of sea salt each taste becomes an extravagance of flavors, harmonizing seamlessly, each playing...

  • $13.00

    This precious little six sided star box is as beautiful as it is festive. Each is filled with chocolate gelt, nestled into the blue galaxy of the star box. A twinkling little surprise to help celebrate this holiday. 1.25 ounces.

  • $16.50

    We buy the biggest raw cashews available and hand-roast them to a toasty golden crunch. While they are still warm we add a light dusting of salt. One pound of delicious and healthful snack food, fresh roasted in our kitchen.

  • $14.25

    Chocolates to delight any sport enthusiast! Solid milk chocolate is cleverly disguised in foil wrapping as a soccer, basketball, football, baseball or golf ball. Throw these balls into a stocking, a bowl or straight into your mouth! 12 ounces assorted in a cello bag.

  • $10.00

    A delicious, seasonal twist on the campfire S'more bar. Into our 42% chocolate, we blend marshmallows, chocolate dunking cookies, and bits of peppermint candy cane. So good it could become Santa's favorite snack on Christmas Eve. Over 7.5 ounces each bar.

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