Our distinctive gold boxes are filled with chocolate 'handmade with love" in our candy kitchen. Choose from our varied assortments, for yourself or as a gift. Items with a * designation are excellent for shipping during warm weather stretches.

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  • $25.00

    Our Award collection is stuffed with winners from the Wisconsin State Fair. Enjoy confections made from wholesome Wisconsin butter and cream. You'll find truffles, butter toffee, caramels, Wilmarvels - each piece drenched in a milk or dark chocolate shell. A sweet gift, uniquely qualified to satisfy anybody. Twenty eight delicious pieces in each pound.

  • $27.00

    Do you love caramel? In this sampler, discover Wilmar caramel in all of its amazing incarnations. You'll find a variety of everything we make featuring our luscious hand stirred, hand cut, cream rendered caramel. Taste caramels that are chocolate covered, sea salt sprinkled, cashew and pecan wilmarveled, nutted, and of course the purest form of all,...

  • $41.50

    Have your chocolate & wear it too! This box holds a delicious assortment of Wilmar milk & dark chocolates and a charm that declares "I Love Chocolate". The chocolate is a veritable buffet chosen from our year round collection. The necklace is handmade by Jennifer Dahl and comes ready to wear on an 18" ball chain - perfect for everyday use. One...

  • $24.00

    Not just an assortment, but a veritable buffet! In this box of chocolates, there are no two confections exactly alike; nutty, crunchy, creamy, chewy, fruity, and smooth are all included; and each piece is drenched in our creamy milk or silky dark chocolate. With every bite you will delve and delight in new visual, taste and texture sensations. And who...

  • $24.00

    All soft center chocolates, for those who prefer the melt-in-your-mouth variety. Our unsurpassed creams, delicious double chocolates, marvelous meltaways, and a scattering of truffles crowd into this box, waiting to be devoured. In mixed, milk, or all dark chocolate. Thirty pieces in each pound.

  • $24.00

    Just like the name says...but of course, covered in chocolate. Our assortment of chewy and crunchy chocolates include a variety of delicious fillings to sink your teeth into; caramels, nuts, Wilmarvels, nougats and more, more, more. A combination of milk and dark chocolates in the box. Hold the creams! Thirty pieces per pound.

  • $21.50

    Our updated version of the original Swiss truffle. Smooth imported chocolate and Wisconsin whipping cream are infused with fragrant spices, thick liquors, or dense espressos. The exotic undertones of the infusions combine warmly with the rich overtones of the milk and dark chocolate. Intense experiences in an 18 piece box. Plan no other desserts. Our...

  • $52.00

    Variety is the spice of life! Our Chocolate and Nut Tower features three unique experiences. Our Chocolate Buffet, a full pound of our homemade confections is the anchor box. On top of the buffet find a box of lightly salted, freshly roasted mixed nuts. The third box finishes off the trio with a half pound of our award winning, mouth watering Wisconsin...

  • $25.00

    The best of both worlds. A half-pound box of our favorite Buffet assortment is paired with another box stuffed with fresh roasted nuts; stacked together for a sweet and salty gift. 18-ounce two tier tower. For a little larger gift, try our three tier tower: the same as the two tier, but we add a truffle sampler box to the top. 22-ounce three tier tower.

  • $50.00

    Who could resist this tower of homemade deliciousness? Our best selling Chocolate Buffet is topped by two boxes of award winning favorites: pecan Wilmarvels & Wisconsin butter toffee. Each box features confections crafted with fresh, natural ingredients in our candy kitchen. Resistance is not possible, or necessary! The two pound tower is stacked high...

  • $24.00

    Fresh and roasted nuts, lightly salted, are covered in a thick layer of our finest chocolate to create a vitamin packed snack. The almond, brazil, and cashew nuts are coated in milk chocolate. The pecans are swirled in dark chocolate. Four distinct, healthful nut clusters packed family style in one box.

  • $52.50

    When you need to express thanks in a big way - this is the perfect choice. From handmade truffles to chocolate covered nuts, each box is packed with our no two alike assortment. The chocolates are chosen from our year-round collection, so there will be something to please anyone and everyone. Plus we added our delightful decorated meltaways to evoke the...

  • $33.75

    Our homemade wrapped caramels and our hand roasted giant cashews are paired together for a sweet and salty treat that is unbeatable. The caramels are in three delicious flavors - natural, chocolate, and nut. The cashews are hand roasted by us to the perfect crunch, and are lightly salted. A perfect package all around. Excellent for shipping to warmer...

  • $37.00

    Two of our top-sellers are stacked to create a perfect pairing package. Our handmade caramels feature three flavors; pure vanilla, nut, and chocolate. Our Wisconsin butter toffee offers a sweet crunch surrounded by creamy milk chocolate and ground nuts. Perfect to send to anyone, even to those in warmer weather locations. The duo includes one half pound...

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items